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RGS team supplies, places and operates sound, light and video material for all events:

Live stream


Since the Corona crisis, RGS-Team has focused on video capture, recording and streaming.

The demand for live streaming has increased enormously since our country went into quarantine. Everyone knows what live streaming is, but it is striking that many people, organizations and companies are still unclear about the possibilities of this form of communication.

In the meantime, we have a number of mobile control sets ready to capture, record and / or stream your city council or other meeting on location.

A standard setup consists of 5 discreetly installed PTZ cameras (= unmanned and remote controllable), a PRO TV video control set, a digital sound mixing table, microphone set, stands, computers, peripherals, ... Clarity is very important, which is why we use enough microphones for individual capture.

The stream quality depends on the upload speed of your internet connection. A wired connection is always recommended. In the absence of an internet connection, we can also provide our own 4G receiver. We check this in advance and discuss the options with you.

RGS-Team arranges all technology on location for a neat live video production.
This for:
conferences, meetings, webinars, ceremonies, lectures, performances, DJ sets, etc.
With a unique and above all affordable Multi-Camera setup, professional equipment and experienced technicians, you can be sure of a qualitative and professional end result. Video livestreaming increases the reach of every event because everyone who cannot or is not allowed to attend, can still experience everything from home. Relax and be safe! Can of course be reviewed indefinitely afterwards.
The direction and mixing are done on site, so no post-editing is required. This saves a lot of work and time and you will notice that in the costs. An SD card with the recording in Full HD quality will be handed over immediately afterwards.



































Extra options for webinars: (to be discussed in advance)

Online poll (ask questions to your audience in real time)
Q&A (interact with your virtual audience)
Quiz (keep it fun and keep viewers attention)
Powerpoint integration
Guest speakers (from another location)
Inserting videos, photos, texts, ...
Titles (lower thirds) like on TV 
Virtual studio, green screen applications, ...
LED lighting for green screen setup,
NDI application (local network connections),
Wired and / or wireless microphones (handhelds, clip-ons, ..),
Professional sound reinforcement and recording (up to 32 microphones)
TV screens, LED screens (indoor / outdoor)
Wireless mobile manned cameras ...

Good intelligibility is very important, which is why we work with one microphone per person for optimal results. Often this is done with a centrally placed microphone, but there one quickly picks up more noise, reverberation and noise, which is not pleasant for the viewer / listener!

We can connect up to 32 microphones per set! A sound engineer will ensure that everything runs smoothly and ensures minimal noise and reduces background noise.
















Panasonic PTZ camera
Mobiele regiecase voor een snelle setup
Regiecases: Small, medium, large en XXL
Zeer groot microfoon assortiment
Bekabeld of draadloos
Onze technici zijn voorien van mondmaskers en handgel
Keep your distance
Techniekers zitten achteraan in de locatie of werken vanuit de regiewagen.
Voor een optimale geluidskwaliteit is er een aparte geluidstechnieker aanwezig
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