Rent & Delivery

What is it exactly?


Rent & Delivery can be compared to Dry Rental with the one big difference that you as a customer cannot collect, but that our employees deliver, install and test the materials themselves. Afterwards we come to collect everything.

In this way, we remain assured of the perfect quality of the materials, which are also checked and maintained after each job. Thanks to this approach, everything remains in perfect condition and there are no problems with wrong connections, inappropriate transport, etc.


The price? Expensive? Not at all, in the region we do that for free *

If you have a specific event (date and location known), ask for your free quote and convince yourself of the competitive prices that RGS offers.
Need help? No problem, we can also supply experienced technicians at equally interesting conditions.

Our mission: to deliver quality at a very competitive price!

* within 20 km around Merchtem for setups from 450 euros

RGS livestream service:    0478 48 20 90

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